Maggie the Magnifi-Cat

May she rest in peace.

About Maggie

Maggie walked into our church almost five years ago. Actually, she didn't walk into the church. She hid underneath the Parish Hall! She was a very skinny kitty, obviously a dumpster diver who didn't get much to eat. It looked like she had been abused, either by a 4-legged or a 2-legged creature. Whenever anyone would get close to her, she didn't retreat, but instead fought her ground. Our vet told us that stray cats either have the fight or flight mode. Maggie is definitely a fighter. We continued to feed her but she was very intimidating, so no one wanted to get too close.

After a few months, at the urging of the animal lovers in the church, we moved Maggie's food bowl a little closer to the office, and then eventually invited her to come in. A litter box was purchased which Maggie took to immediately. Unfortunately her mom had never taught her much about hygiene so she wasn't very pleasant to be around. And while she allowed a few of us to pet her, she could change personalities in a split second and the old fighter would come out.

Today Maggie lives inside the church offices. She will go outside only if the door is left open. It's as though she remembers her life "before church" and never wants to go back there. She struggles now with being overweight as she doesn't get much exercise. She never did learn personal hygiene, so we have to give her a little bath every day. All our members know her and accept her as she is. She is a beautiful little soul who continues to struggle with many fears.

Maggie is our mascot. She reminds us all that we too are beautiful damaged little souls who have come to heal in the church of Jesus Christ. We are all far from perfect, but we love each other in spite of our flaws. It's amazing what love can do!

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