St. Peter's Windows

The windows in St. Peter's depict the seasons of the spiritual life. Each season has a particular intention, helping us to grow into the fullness of God's intention: we were created in His image.


A new year in the life of the church and in the life of believers. We prepare again for our Lord's coming, making "room" in our life for Jesus to be born again on Christmas.


We celebrate for twelve days the gift God has given us: Jesus the Christ. He is the visible image of our invisible God. Jesus shows us God and the perfect love God has for us.


A word from the Greek meaning "what is being shown." The three wise men were "shown" the savior of the world. God is always "showing" something of Himself to us. We just need to look for the light and be aware.


A wilderness time of forty days with Jesus, reminding us of the darkness that comes if we succumb to the temptations of the world: power, prestige, and possessions. In Jesus, we have the power to overcome these temptations. And when we fail, we are reminded by the cross that in Him, all sins are forgiven, God always loves us, and there is always a new day.


Fifty days to celebrate that a New Day has come! We are a new creation. Life never ends! Death has no power over us!


The day of Pentecost celebrates the coming of the Holy Spirit on the disciples. We too are given the Holy Spirit at baptism. During the season of Pentecost, we focus on what it means to live out our discipleship, taking the message and ministry of Jesus Christ into the world.


A mandala of our church. What do you see? The circle…we repeat the cycle every year, but every year is different, as we come into it as a different person. Do you see 12? 4? 3? 1? All are powerful biblical numbers.

"The cycle of the Church's year spells out our inner drama and helps us to understand ourselves and the great love that holds us in being." -Alan Jones

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